Corporate Social Responsibility

Our business philosophy emphasises the need to consider the bigger picture in all that we do, which is why we believe it is our responsibility to actively engage in projects for social good.

FiNEXPERT-BOSCOLO believes in social responsibility programs

After more than 15 years, FiNEXPERT-BOSCOLO takes pride in many beautiful and successful projects, a team of over 120 consultants, a portfolio of over 500 local and international customers, as well as collaborations with NGOs that we support. It is our duty to do our best to actively building a sustainable environment and avoiding crises to thrive as a society.

ASCHF-R has proposed to build a world where children and young people with physical and/or associated disabilities exploit their potential and are full-fledged members of society. This association develops many programs that facilitate social inclusion

In a world where being different is never easy, where the opportunities for education and a happy childhood is threaten by diagnoses such as autism, Autism Voice is ready to fight alongside specialists and parents for the recovery of the children in need. The Autism Voice mission is to support recovery and social integration of children with autism and developmental disorders.

Workshops Without Borders promotes the social inclusion of vulnerable and discriminated unemployed people. Social inclusion and solidarity projects for education and development have enabled the active involvement of disadvantaged young people, helping them to reach their potential.

The Happiness Scholarship is the online fundraising platform of the association Dăruiește Viață for health projects. The money raised is being used for providing hospitals with: sterile chambers, performing laboratories, oncology clinics, operating rooms, intensive care compartments, stem cell transplant compartments, radiotherapy clinics. All donations are allocated efficiently and transparently, each investor can see the destination of the funds at any time.

The Casiopeea manifesto aims to maintain health through sport, for a more balanced way of life. Casiopeea also promotes healthy habits in companies and school institutions to cultivate key values for society such as respect, friendship, courage and initiative.

The foundation Inovații Sociale Regina Maria has been committed since 2011 to offer free integrated medical services to people without an income and without medical insurance, through his social clinic from Baba Novac. From 2015 it also provides medical services at Sala Palatului clinic for people with medical insurance but who have very low incomes.

It is a unique program in Romania, which helps families to heal together, bringing parents closer to their children being treated in the largest children's hospitals in Bucharest and Timisoara. The mission of the Ronald McDonald Children’s Foundation is to identify, develop and support projects and activities with positive and direct impact on the life and health of children.

The foundation Prețuiește Viața (Cherish life) conducts humanitarian campaigns, health issues, education, human rights, advocacy, and quality journalism. "Learn to live beautifully and with dignity every day, do not waste your only chance at life, find the power to change something for the better in the world you live in." This is the motto of the foundation Prețuiește Viața, founded in early 2008 by Andreea Marin.

The Medicover Association is focused on educating, supporting local communities and developing programs that directly or indirectly contribute to improving children's health and raising public awareness of an orderly lifestyle. This mission is accomplished through several different activities, which are mainly focused on aspects of social life, such as voluntary work, prevention, and education. The association was created to fulfill a social mission and to change the reality for the better.

Se poate    

The mission of the association is to provide support to young people, adults, and minority groups in order to facilitate their integration into society. The association supports sustainable development, encouraging the promotion and adoption of solutions that protect the environment and preserve the national and cultural heritage of Romania in rural areas.

It is a non-profit organization, established by a group of professionals and friends who strived to create a platform for initiatives with significant social impact in the lives of disadvantaged people. They support the social and professional integration of disadvantaged young people through the development and implementation of personalised services and innovative entrepreneurship solutions.

Established in 1960 in Switzerland and active in over 35 countries of the world, the Terre des Hommes Foundation had an uninterrupted presence in Romania since 1992, contributing to the improvement of the child protection system, social assistance reform and facilitating children's participation in the development of their own community. The mission of Terre des Hommes is to provide immediate help to exploited children and to change society for the benefit of future generations.

Valentina helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds to follow a normal school path, giving them the chance of a better future. The association Valentina România Association is located in Sector 5, Ferentari district and welcomes children at the after-school center every day, helping them with their homework and organising creative activities alongside a warm meal.